BRAW: Welcome Marie Williamson

Over the next week we want to dive a bit more into and learn about the scratch artists that will be presenting small pieces of development as part of the Braw Circus Festival.

First we would like to introduce Marie Williamson who is a professional aerialist and contemporary dancer. Her passion lies in devising and performing cross-collaborative artform work, political physical theatre, and contemporary circus.

The world circus. Twisted. A freak show like no other. They promise to entertain, and they will deliver. Whether you like it or not.

I have been brought up from just after birth submerged in both politics and performing so I thought it's about time that I bring all my ideas to life and merge the two. Politics isn't truly accessible to the general public, and contemporary circus is only now going into 4th gear so it's a great time to step out from the shadows as a political aerial dancer. Why not, eh?! This idea has been boiling for many years and it is still very much in the beginning of it's journey, which I hope others will also want to get involved in to create a Scottish political contemporary circus collaborative!

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