Aerial Edge Circus Convention

September 7th - 9th 2018

Photo by Graeme MacDonald

Photo by Graeme MacDonald


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* workshops go live and bookable at 6.00pm Thursday August 30th



1 ticket. unlimited access.

The Aerial Edge Circus Convention consists of a huge variety of aerial and acro workshops including disciplines such as Flying Trapeze, Corde Lisse, Doubles Pole, Acrobatics, Acrobalance, Flexibility and so much more! Ticket holders will be able to book themselves into as many or as little workshops they want.

However, please check a workshops prerequisites (such as level) before booking on!

The convention timetable will be released in August!

Evening Shows

come and support us at braw!

In previous years, as part of EAAC, we have always provided some form of entertainment. This year Braw Circus Festival will be running in conjunction with the convention to bring you all your circus entertainment needs. 

Braw will present shows from some of Scotland's leading circus companies and talents such as Ellie Dubois, All or Nothing, Bassline Circus and much more.

For tickets holders of both Braw and the Convention we will provide direct transportation for you!



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Convention FAQ'S


When will the timetable be released?

We release the full timetable for the Aerial Edge Circus Convention about a month before the event so you can start planning what classes you want to participate in.

How do I book onto classes?

You need to buy a ticket to be able to book on to classes at the Convention. We release the full timetable about a month before the event so you can start planning what classes you want to participate in.

Once the booking system goes live, ticketholders can login to the MINDBODY booking system and create their schedule for the weekend. This can either be done on the desktop browser or the Aerial Edge Convention mobile app.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend logging in to the system ahead of time to check that your username and password are correct as our reception team will be dealing with a high volume of calls and emails on the day that classes are released for booking. If you have bought a ticket this event, we’ll notify you by email (the one you used to book your ticket with) a few days before classes become available for booking (around the end of August/ beginning of September).

Which level of class should I attend?

Class levels will be shown on the timetable when it is published. All individual workshop descriptions provided by instructors will be shown within the booking system when it goes live. These descriptions may include pre-requisites so you can use the timetable as a guide for levels but please check class descriptions for pre-requisites before booking onto a workshop.

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

As a not-for-profit event we don’t offer any ticket refunds but we can transfer your ticket to another customer. If you find yourself in this position we recommend using facebook groups such as Aerial Scotland or UK Circus to sell your ticket privately. Once you’ve found someone who has paid you for your ticket, get in touch and we can transfer the ticket.

I can't make it for the whole weekend, can I get a discount on my ticket?

Sorry, no. We only offer a full-priced ticket for the Aerial Edge Circus Convention. With our Earlybird ticket prices you can save up to £100 off the cost of a full pass if you book before July 31st, so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this amazing offer!

I can't make it for the whole weekend, can I get a discount on my ticket?

This ticket does not include any food or accommodation.

Is photography / filming allowed?

We have official convention photographers and videographers who will be documenting the highlights of the weekend. You are permitted to take photos and film during the event, but please check that it’s ok with the instructor of your class (and anyone who you may be filming) before doing so. Not every instructor wants to be filmed while teaching, so it’s polite to ask first.

I don't have a ticket, can I come watch?

Sorry, only Ticket holders are permitted to attend the event. This also applies to family members/ friends of ticket holders.

Can I share my ticket with a friend?

Sorry, no. Tickets to the Aerial Edge Convention are strictly one per customer. With our Earlybird ticket prices you can save up to £100 off the cost of a pass if you book before July 31st, so if you want to save money on a ticket then don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this amazing offer!

My login from last year isn't working?

Unfortunately, we don’t keep any login data from previous conventions so you’ll need to create a new login to buy a ticket.

Can I bring my child to the convention?

Sorry no, this is an event for 16’s and over only!

I want to go to Braw Festival, but it's the same dates as the convention?

Fret not you keen circus people! Braw Circus Festival will run in the evenings following the day’s events at the Aerial Edge Circus Convention. Braw will be hosting a variety of shows, scratches and professional conferences. For those attending both the convention and Braw we will have transport arranged directly from Kelvin Hall to Platform!

Whereabouts is the convention taking place?

The Circus Convention is being held this year in Glasgow, right here at Aerial Edge! You can find us situated in Kelvin Hall which is based in the heart of the city’s west end.

The full address is 1445 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AW. You will be entering Kelvin Hall through the side of the building via the Glasgow Club entrance on Bunhouse Road. Once inside the building, head up to the reception desk and take a hard left. Follow the corridor as far as it can go and you will find us in the larger Kelvin Hall area. If you are unsure about where you are going simply ask the Kelvin Hall reception staff.



Terms & Conditions


Tickets for this event are non-refundable but are transferable to another individual should there be any reason that you cannot attend the event after booking.


Aerial Edge, conforms with all GDPR laws and we will never sell trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.


1 Ticket Per Customer. Tickets to the event are non-refundable but are transferable to another customer in the event that you cannot attend. Aerial Edge Circus Convention tickets will give you unlimited access to all convention workshops. Please note: Buying a ticket does not guarantee you a place in the class of your choice as classes must be booked online in advance on a first come first served basis. Refunds will not be given on the basis of you not getting a space in your chosen class.